Available book reviews for the upcoming issue (Fall 2020)

We are pleased to announce the following recently published book reviews for the upcoming issue, Volume 55 Number 3:

Documentarity coverDocumentarity: Evidence, Ontology, and Inscription, by Ronald E. Day
Reviewed by Brian Justie
"A historical-conceptual account of the different genres, technologies, modes of inscription, and innate powers of expression by which something becomes evident." (MIT Press)





Reluctant Power coverReluctant Power: Networks, Corporations, and the Struggle for Global Governance in the Early 20th Century, by Rita Zajácz 
Reviewed by Jasmine E. McNealy
"How early twentieth-century American policymakers sought to gain control over radiotelegraphy networks in an effort to advance the global position of the United States." (MIT Press)




How We Became Our Data coverHow We Became Our Data: A Genealogy of the Informational Person, by Colin Koopman
Reviewed by Rebecka Taves Sheffield
"Colin Koopman excavates early moments of our rapidly accelerating data-tracking technologies and their consequences for how we think of and express our selfhood today." (University of Chicago Press)